Historically the horse has brought humans together for competition, commerce and celebration. With a conscious desire to further this function, Sunkist stables endeavors to be a place that is more than an animal storage facility.
A dynamic horse facility with an extra ordinary social dimension. A fun boarding stable and an innovative school for horse training and riding lessons.
Our stable is truly unique in that we are more like a social club than a typical horse boarding facility. We do everything a typical boarding stable does, Just a lot more. We embrace diversity,this is a place where each of us can be ourselves. We always treat each other with respect and dignity….. And we hold each other to that standard.
Sunkist Stables is not just a horse boarding riding lesson or horse training facility Sunkist is in addition to a vital, dynamic social community.
Sunkist Stables is more than a place to keep your horse. The vision of Sunkist Stables is one of an encompassing equine experience. To bring people and their equine friends together in celebration of each other.
As an owner of a small business my vision for Sunkist Stables is to inspire and nurture the human and equine spirit by providing a quality facility and passion for the owners and their horses.

Our Motto

This is a place for fun!!
Leave your problems at home!!
The management of Sunkist Stables is dedicated to preserving an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment through discouraging the common social problems of stable culture, we have all experienced the social pitfalls of stable culturesuch as gossip, jealousy, conflict, etc.
At Sunkist we are willing to address these problems head-on and to enforce standards of civil conduct. We believe that and atmosphere of open honest communication preserves the tranquility that we all hope to enjoy in our recreational environment.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Sunkist Stables is that the considerable resources necessary to keep our horse friends happy and healthy should be used wisely.
We believe that an atmosphere of mutual pleasure and enjoyment as a wise use of those resources. Consequently Sunkist stables promotes an environment where are no particular discipline or function of the horse is promoted as superior. Rather that the manner in which people enjoy their horses is an individual experience.
Whether you ride in western or English tack, involve yourself in competitive or noncompetitive activities is secondary to having a cooperative friendly place to be.
Jeanna Escalante